First eHarmony “date”…

Guy #1.  Let’s call him Joe to keep with the whole anonymity thing.  Joe and I exchange numbers through eHarmony mail and begin to text.  I’m very cautious about giving out my number but God bless the block feature on the iPhone.

Joe seems like a nice guy so we agree to take advantage of a nice afternoon and go for a walk.  I bring my dog for added protection (not really…the stupid thing is afraid of her own shadow and would drown someone in wet kisses before attacking them).  We meet at a park with lots of trails and a huge lake.

Thoughts while driving through the woods to get to agreed upon location:

  1. Dear God I hope he’s not a serial killer
  2. This would be the perfect place to hide a body
  3. I wonder how loud I can scream
  4. Am I crazy for doing this?
  5. I hope he’s hot

Legit thoughts.

I arrive first.  Take my dog out of the car and we hang around in the parking lot.  No sign of him.  He calls.  I answer.


“Hey, its Joe.  I’m trying to find where you are but I don’t see you.  Which entrance did you go in?”

“The one that Siri told me to…closest to the main road.”

I’m new to the area.  I have no idea where the F I am going.  He’s from here.  Why is he asking me how to get there?

“Okay I think I went in the wrong way.  I’ll be there soon.”

Great first impression.  So now, I’m waiting…and waiting…and waiting.  Finally, he arrives.  He steps out of his car.  He’s cute.  Not HOT but he’s cute.  About 6’0, blonde, athletic build.  I could possibly get into it.

He apologizes for keeping me waiting.  I joke about how I just moved here and got there before him.  We start walking towards the lake.

The conversation is good but feels forced.  I work in television.  I talk for a living.  I don’t get nervous.  I don’t want to work for conversation.  I want the man I with who I am conversing to supply more than just a few words into our dialogue.

It gets better with time.  He seems to open up more.  I learn that he owns his own business with a friend and has been building it for the last 6 years.  Its becoming more successful and he’s working hard.

Our “date” is more of a meet and greet.  Its short.  We get to know each other a little.  We part ways and agree to continue our conversation on an actual date…I leave it up to him to decide…


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