Who AM I?

Hello, world!  Let me start things off here with a little bit of background about me.  I’m in my late 20s, single and just moved to a brand new city for a new job in local TV.  If you thought dating in your 20s was hard enough, try being a local celebrity venturing into the world of online dating for the first time…ugh!

I typically lead a boring life outside of my job.  I binge watch TV shows on Netflix, play with my dog, spend way too much time on the internet, travel occasionally then work and repeat.  But I moved to a new city and wanted to start fresh.  Given my disastrous and laughable dating history up to this point, I figured I would give online dating a try…

Stay tuned for all of my trials, turmoils and Tinder fails.  Its sure to be an entertaining ride…


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