New guy, same Italian food

Italian food.  We get it guys…its your attempt to be romantic.  Can we start being more original now?

Guy #2 asks me out to dinner.  Let’s call him “Dave.”  So Dave seems very nice.  He’s funny over email and texts and he’s very interested in what I do for a living.

I have to push our date back a half hour because of maintenance workers fixing an array of issues that have suddenly gone wrong in my apartment and he’s flexible with the time.  Bonus points.

I arrive at the restaurant and meet him outside.  He was more attractive in his photos.  It was a little bit of a let-down.  He hugs me hello and introduces himself.  I do the same.  We walk into the restaurant and are seated immediately.

He orders a beer and I order a glass of red wine (Yes!  I feel like I can drink a little on this date).  He’s comfortable and doesn’t seem nervous.  I like that.  Confidence is sexy, guys.

The conversation is really good.  He works for a software company – in sales.  He can hold a conversation better than guy #1 – although I’m trying hard not to compare.  He tells me about his job, his family, where he grew up.  He asks me a lot of questions but doesn’t make it feel like I’m being interviewed by Barbara Walters.

The eye contact was good and I am keeping his attention.  I’m enjoying myself.

Our food is delicious.  I ordered chicken parm.  Not the sexiest thing to eat on a date but I enjoyed it.

We continue our conversation long after we are both finished eating.  Its almost 10 p.m.  We have been sitting in this restaurant now for 3 hours.

Time FLEW.  It was nice to converse with someone and it not feeling like I had to work for it.  He’s interesting.  I can look past the whole him being cuter online thing…maybe.  Can I?  Hmmm…

I don’t consider myself a superficial person but I do need to be physically attracted to someone to consider pursuing anything further.  There is definitely a little bit of a connection but I’m still not sure.  There were no tingles or butterflies.  There was fun conversation and a few laughs, though.  Yet again, I find myself torn.

We part ways for the evening.  I hug him and thank him for dinner.  He asks me to text him when I get home so he knows I made it alright – very nice.  Bonus points for being considerate.

There is a second date in the works soon.  We’ll see what happens…


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