Tinder talk

Tinder guy #2.  Let’s call him “Mike.”

I wake up on a Monday morning and check my phone.  I have a message awaiting me on Tinder.  I open it and read:

“While my wardrobe is in dire need…(My 2 pairs of jeans from B Repub are working overtime) I am such a sucker for a gal who dresses well.  You look great.  Hope your Monday is going well!”

Solid opening line.  I’m impressed.  I reply back:

“Thank you for the compliment 🙂  You should probably work on the jeans situation, but I the struggle is so real finding that perfect pair of jeans.  I definitely get it.  Hope you’re having a great day so far.”

We chat via Tinder for a while.  Mike is interesting.  There is something about him that I can’t quite put my finger on yet.  He’s quippy and witty.  He looks gorgeous in his photos.  This man may be too good to be true.

After a while chatting on Tinder, he asks for my number so we can text instead.  I give him my number and we continue our conversation over text.  I find out he works in sales and is in the process of interviewing for a new job.  He’s working on a presentation he has to give at the beginning of the next week.

He’s driven.  He has a new job but he’s looking for something more lucrative.  Points.

I happen to be off work for the next couple of days.  If this guy asks me on a date, I’m saying yes.  We’ll see what happens.  For right now, I’m enjoying our conversations and learning about who he is.  He was a marine, has a close relationship with his friends and family and he has a good job.  He seems like a guy that has a handle on his life.

We’ll see how it goes…


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