Mr. History Teacher

Two months into my online dating adventures, I may have actually found someone worth exclusively dating.  You may remember several weeks ago before my “Mike” situation went south fast (see: From red hot to ice cold), I was casually chatting with a few other guys, one of them happened to be a man named “Mark.”

“Mark” teaches history at a local high school.  He grew up in Chicago and seems like a genuine guy.  While talking with him several weeks ago, I decide to pursue things with “Mike” and see how it goes.  I text “Mark” or “Mr. History Teacher” and tell him about this other guy and how I wanted to see how things would progress with him.  It was nothing against “Mr. History Teacher.”  It was honestly all about timing.  And I was completely up-front and straightforward about the whole ordeal.  I’m too old to play games and I’d rather be honest because that is exactly how I would want someone to treat me.

Several bad Tinder dates later, “Mark” is still on my mind.  I think back on the conversations we had a few weeks ago…they were great.  He seemed intelligent, driven, and his eHarmony profile picture was cute.  He’s an eHarmony guy.  No Tinder this time.

I decide to take a chance and see if he is still interested.  Its been at least a month.  I figured there was no harm in reaching out to him.  What was the worst that could happen?  He would reject me or be seeing someone?  At least I tried.  And I would kick myself for not trying so I sent him a message via eHarmony.  It read:

“Hey! So I know its been a little while, but I wanted to reach out to you and see how things were going. It didn’t work out with the guy I was ‘seeing where things would go.’ He ended up being a complete jerk actually so that was fun. Anyway, I really enjoyed talking to you and was wondering if maybe you would be interested in chatting again or even getting together for coffee or drinks or something? I don’t want you to think you were a second choice…it was honestly just about timing. From our conversations a few weeks ago, you sound like a really great and genuine guy so if you’re still interested, let me know 🙂 if not, I totally understand. Hope you’re having a great week!”

I felt weird sending a text message.  eHarmony mail felt safer.  I sent that message on a Tuesday night.  Wednesday morning, I was off on assignment for work.  I had a crazy day ahead of me.

Wednesday afternoon while on location, my phone dings.  Its “Mark.”  I’m surprised but I’m also excited to read it.  It says:

“Hey!  I hope its ok that I reached out via text instead of online.  I’m sorry to hear things didn’t work out.  I’m glad to hear from you though.  I would definitely be interested in chatting or grabbing a drink or coffee with you soon!”

He’s STILL interested!  Okay…this could be good!  We text back and forth on Wednesday but I’m working on a story and he is in school.  I tell him that I’m off on Thursday and Friday and he asks me to dinner on whichever day works better for me.  We decide on Friday.  We have a date.  And I’m excited!

We still talk on Thursday and Friday before our dinner, too.  He’s taking me to an Irish restaurant.  We decide to meet there.

I pull up to the restaurant and meet him outside.  He looks like his photos online!  Yay!  He’s about 6’0 with beautiful blue eyes.  His hair is brown but buzzed very short.  He’s tone but not huge.  I like it.  I’m attracted to him physically.  We sit down and order food and drinks.  Our great conversations from a few weeks ago continue right through dinner.  We talk about our families and where we grew up.  Its nice that he’s a transplant to this area, too.  He’s been living here for almost a year so he knows what its like to be the new kid in town.

I explain the whole “Mike” story to him.  I like him and feel like there is a connection so I felt like I owed him a complete explanation.  He appreciated it.  And he understood.  3 hours later, its now about 10PM and I have to work the next morning.  He walks me to my car.  I thank him for dinner and reach up to give him a hug.  We end up cheek to cheek.  I softly tell him I had a great time and that we should get together again.  He wants to see me again, too.  He asks me to let him know when I get home.  Chivalry isn’t completely dead, ladies.  There is still hope!

I drive home with a smile on my face.  I’m so happy that he was exactly how I pictured when we started talking online and texting.  I text him as soon as I get home to let him know I made it safely and then drift off to sleep…happily.


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